Signs of the Apocalypse? Brad Wall has 666 followers on Twitter!!!

I did a similar post pointing this out about Dwain Lingenfelter’s Facebook page during the leadership race so I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that I just noticed Brad Wall currently has 666 followers on Twitter!

(The big difference is that a lot of the Sask Party’s support comes from more fundamentalist, literalist Christians so there are probably some who will see this graphic and seriously believe that this is somehow an indication that Brad Wall is secretly aligned with the devil. Until they see an image of Grant Devine burned into their toast tomorrow morning – then they’ll be re-assured that all is well! ;-))

Oh, and that “Following – 0” is pretty telling too!  Doesn’t Brad Wall care about getting any feedback at all from the myriad Saskatchewan Twitter users out there on all sides of the political spectrum?  Wouldn’t it be nice if he subscribed to say, the RCMP Heritage Centre’s Twitter feed or the Globe Theatre’s and occasionally retweeted their posts to help promote these great Saskatchewan organizations?

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