Five Hits on National Family Literacy Day

It was National Family Literacy Day today and nothing starts your day off like doing the hokey pokey to tie in to this year’s theme of “Play for Literacy’.  Good stuff – I joked with one co-worker that we could do it everyday, sort of the RPL version of the Wal-Mart Cheer.   Another co-worker said we should just do it on a random day when the library’s really busy – “our patrons scare us 364 days of the year, we should return the favour at least once!” she joked.

On to the hits…

Speaking of hits, good to see the Flames go on a four game win streak going into the all-star break.  Their playoff chances are still slim but anything can happen.  Not sure if I’m a fan of the draft gimmick for this year’s game – all the players are all-stars so does it really matter beyond goofy things like “Will the Sedin twins be split up?” and “Who will be picked last?”


Beyond the National Family Literacy Day activities noted above, I’ll direct you to this passionate defense of libraries by British author Philip Pullman which is resonating around the web (although as I cracked wise to the person who reminded me of it today, why would anyone listen to Pullman – he’s an atheist! ;-))

Pace Cuteness
Shea and Pace went to a nearby grocery store to mail a parcel today.  As they were walking out, Pace apparently yelled at the customer service desk, “Sorry for not buying anything at your store today!”


Please act to fight usage-based billing.

Random Link(s) Somehow Relating to Popular Social Media Site

Qwiki is a site that attempts to give a more visual, intearactive take on the standard Wikipedia entry, sometimes successfully (check out the embedded video) and sometimes less so (although why would a robot voice know how to pronounce Regina aka “the city that rhymes with fun”?)

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