State of the Union

Watched the “State of the Union” address and thought it was pretty decent – not Obama’s best by far – but good.

A few random thoughts…

  • Boehner always looks like he’s about to cry
  • Can’t remember what the point was about but I counted exactly once where Boehner clapped and Biden didn’t.
  • Love the focus on the future, technology, science and innovation.  All things America truly has led the world in.
  • I like that Obama will slip in some jokes but that one analogy about stripping a plane of its engine and feeling the impact felt…weird?
  • Was one of the Supremes in the front row sleeping?  Everytime they cut to a crowd shot, her head was lulled forward.  (I wondered if it was some weird protest?)
  • Having the D’s and R’s sitting intermingled was pretty cool.  Obama got off a good line about it too – “it’s not about whether we can sit together tonight but whether we can work together tomorrow”
  • I love Dennis Kucinich
  • Sometimes I’d sort of step back and still find it hard to believe that a black man with a strange name is the President of the United States.

Off to MetaFilter to see what the feedback is like there.

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