Wisdom Wednesday – “Be It Resolved, Religion Is A Force For Good in the World”

In my ongoing quest to completely compartmentalize this blog, I’ve decided to add yet another themed day to go along with Music Mondays, Friday Fun Links, Saturday Snaps and the occasional Sappy Sunday.

Wisdom Wednesday is going to be a place where I’ll try to either write something that has a bit deeper analysis or thought to it then many of my posts or, more likely, I’ll try to get away with a single lazy link but at least make it to some article or site that will challenge you and provide you with some interesting information.

For my first week of this new feature, I’ve got a good one – a transcript of a debate held recently in Toronto between author Christopher Hitchens and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on the subject of “Be It Resolved, Religion Is A Force For Good in the World“.

(via MetaFilter)

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