Saturday Snap – Rider Grey Cup Shrine (of Candy)

Rider Grey Cup Shrine (of Candy), originally uploaded by headtale.

Getting ready for the big game tomorrow, we’ve got our basement rec room decorated and some candies (including thirteen army figures standing in for the football players with Pace to eat one symbolic one tomorrow right before kick-off!)

Shea and I keep going back and forth on it (and almost gave in today) but we realise we may be the only people in Saskatchewan not watching this game on a HDTV.

We bought our current TV nearly 10 years ago in Calgary and it still works fine so that’s what we’re going with.

Go Riders Go!

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  1. SJM wrote:

    Great Rider shrine (I’m guessing it was mostly devoured by the end of the game?). Rider Nation is a proud valiant force to be reckoned with – good luck to you next year!
    BTW, my TV is also 10yrs old (bought by Chris when he finished MLIS) and so a) not a flat panel and b) not HD. To add insult to injury, I couldn’t even watch the game ’cause I refuse to dish out more cash to Rogers to “upgrade” from basic cable. ;-P

    Posted 30 Nov 2010 at 12:54 pm
  2. HeadTale wrote:

    As much as I enjoy their productions, it just seems wrong to have CFL on a pay cable channel instead of CBC. What’s next? Hockey Night in Canada moving to basic cable? TSN already has the HNIC theme song!

    (Notice how I studiously avoided any mention of the game in this reply? Yes, next year…except that’s what we all said last year!)

    Posted 07 Dec 2010 at 5:58 am

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