Music Monday – “There’s a high-wire zombie ‘tween the World Trades/A King Kong zombie on the Empire State/But the biggest zombies Tokyo to Rome/The zombies who call the city home”

I first saw Spike Lee’s documentary, “Do It Acapella” back around 1990 or 1991.  In those days, if you saw something on TV, it was gone unless you were watching a channel like MuchMusic that repeated it’s programming on a set (six hour?) rotation throughout the day.  In that case, you could set your VCR and get a permanent copy the next time the show (or video or whatever) was aired.  (I still have dozens of VHS tapes filled with music videos I compiled by doing this.)

This documentary was shown on PBS (which didn’t repeat blocks of programming) but I was able to get a copy when it was re-broadcast later in the day.  Then, another piece of serendipity that’s been lost in the age of iTunes – I later found the soundtrack while browsing the “Various Artists” section of a record store while on a family trip the US.

From that soundtrack which became a personal favourite, “Looking for an Echo” is a song I still regularly sing to Pace at bedtime.  And this one was another song I loved (ffwd to 2:35  to skip the introductory scene setting):

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