Music Monday – “Darlin’ I had the best intentions/But I dug myself a hole/With a modern invention”

Another in the long list of “Things I Should Post About” is a in-depth exploration of my own views on copyright, piracy and the impact & actions of the  various related industries. But for now, I’ll say that sometimes it’s the exact opposite of what the RIAA would have you believe.

For example, I watched this video for a Mozilla concept smart phone and the soundtrack only added to the blow-me-away/drool! aspect of what I was seeing (dual pico projectors!)

A quick Google search using a couple of the lyrics and I found out it was a song called “Modern Invention” by a group called the Submarines.  I read that the album that contained the song was a concept album based on the true-life dating-breakup-eventual-reconnection-and-marriage of the group’s two members and, being a sucker for bands and artists with cool autobiographical works (I’d link to the Sam Baker page I created on Wikipedia but the bastards deleted it!), I went to iTunes and bought the album.

So there RIAA!

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