Saturday Snap – A Few Random Shots From Indian Head High School’s 1991 Graduation Day

My aunt has always been a prolific amateur photographer.  Recently, she purchased a scanner for her computer and so she sent along a bunch of photos she’d scanned from her archives including a series called “Jason’s High School Grad”.

Opening that folder began a scary, sentimental walk down memory lane.  The hair was big but the eyeglasses were even bigger – here’s your 1991 time machine…

Look at all that hairspray!

A few of my best friends from high school – all live in Regina but I rarely see any of them.

For a guest speaker, we invited our kindergarten teacher back to speak to us.  (We were her first ever class!)

Two of my best friends accepting some award – possibly for top football players?

One of my best friends in high school (though it’s hard to tell!)

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