Minority Opinion

A couple recent posts talking about extended breastfeeding got me thinking about the many minority opinions and beliefs I hold. 

Here's what I came up with…

1. Extended Breastfeeding – Not even 20% of Canadian babies make it to nine months let alone past a year (or two!)

2. Atheism – anywhere between 16-30% of the population depending on which study you look at.  (And actually, this is only a minority compared to *all* religions.  There are actually more atheists/agnostics/nonbelievers than all but one major religion.)

3. Socialism – 18% of the popular vote in the last federal election.

4. (Male) Librarian – this isn't a “belief” per se but men are about 17% of the profession (though also over-represented in senior management positions.)

5. Polygamist – just seeing if you're still paying attention.

6. Reader – More than half the people surveyed in the US a couple years ago read only 4 books a year on average.  A quarter said they'd read zero.

7. I'm a Mac = 3.6% (Really?  That seems low.)

8. Firefox = 23% (but losing ground to Chrome)

9. 3% for that “M” in MLIS (though this is also the fastest growing level of educational attainment.  Master's degrees are the new BA's – which were in turn, were once the new high school diploma. ) 

Also with all the StatsCan hub-bub, I'm more aware than ever before just exactly how often I come across and/or use their statistics in my day-to-day life.  I always say this but if you try to look at it without any political considerations, how could anyone honestly think that doing away with the mandatory long form census is a good idea?  (The breadth of the negative reaction across all sectors is a pretty big clue that the Cons fucked up but good.) 

10.  Flames Fan – 3-5% (slightly biased poll though as it asks “Which is Canada's team?” rather than something like “Which NHL team has the most fans?”)

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Good post Jason, it does shed light on the need for access to accurate & reliable statistical information in our daily lives and certainly in the lives of academics and their students.
    Our/my students use stats on a daily basis and we rely heavily on StatsCan to provide us with that information in a timely manner…the census longform kerfuffle is very concerning indeed.
    We do have to watch that definition of reading though, I don't think it ought to be limited to just “books” print or otherwise, although there is a limited audience and population who reads physical print books on a regular basis.
    The Mac stat does seem low, especially since it seems like at least 50% of my students have macbooks, and is that stat inclusive to all Mac products? I bet a consumer survey would show that there are double or triple the people using an iPhone as their primary access to the internet…
    I fit in to quite a few of these categories myself, being like-minded people, we ended up in the same profession, which isn't too statistically significant, I don't think 😉

    Posted 06 Aug 2010 at 12:55 pm
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