Music Monday – UTwo-be

Is there any other link today than the archive of the live U2 concert that was broadcast on YouTube last night?  I haven't seen any final figures yet but some media outlets were reporting that there was likely an audience of  hundreds of thousands of viewers watching live around the world and that figure will reach the millions once viewings of the rebroadcasts and archive of the concert are factored in.

This was the first major live music event carried by YouTube and yet another milestone in the world of online broadcasting, which is an area of particular interest to me, having given me my single highest mark for any major project I did in library school.  (Of course, it was a Media Studies course but we won't think too deeply on the implications of that!) 

This presentation is getting a bit dated now but I'm happy to see that most of the points I made stand up quite well, nearly three years later. 

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