Friday Fun Link – Funny Facebook Threads (Sept 11, 2009)

[2009-09-17 – Edit: “b” and “c” aren't that close on the keyboard so I wonder what sort of a Freudian slip it was to type “Facecook” in the subject line of this post originally?]

A minor trend I've noticed lately is people posting screen caps of funny Facebook threads they come across…

Michael Jackson is dead?

OMG!  I HATE MY JOB!  My boss is a total pervvy wanker

Thank-you Michael.  I had a great time.”  (NSFW!!!)

Why You Shouldn't Friend Your Parents On Facebook

Why You Should Always Log Out of Facebook While At Your Parents' House

Why Parents Shouldn't Be Allowed on Facebook in General

So stupid…

I split my vag!”  (I would hope that the NSFW is self-evident here.)

(Hmm, and some surfing around reveals that, of course, there's a whole sub-reddit dedicated to the topic that I'd never seen before!)

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