An Unplanned (But Greatly Enjoyed) Blog Holiday

As is probably quite obvious, I try to post to this blog on a daily basis at the minimum.  I occasionally miss the odd day (and even then, I sometimes back date posts the next morning to keep up the daily post record – if you see a post dated anytime within ten minutes to midnight, that's a pretty good clue that it's a backdated post) but rarely more than that in a row.  Even during holidays or when I'm mostly away from a computer for other reasons, I tend to find Internet access or pre-post a few entries in advance or whatever. 

Shea had a family reunion this weekend and I wasn't sure whether I'd post or not but in the end, I decided to let it slide for the weekend.  This is partly because my new iPhone only had spotty coverage at the regional park where we were camping (literally, I would get no service standing by the camper then walk back fifty feet to the firepit and get a bar and a half…sometimes.)  That was enough to check e-mail and do a Facebook update here and there but that was about it.  Add in the fact that I can post to my blog from the iPhone but that I can't access all of the blog's editing tools, only the very basic ones, made me say “Ah, we'll just let it slide for a couple days.”

For example, here's one of the photos I sent to Facebook of Pace “driving” his Grandpa's new 1970 dune buggy on the knee of his Uncle Marsh… 

I have to admit that blogging's felt like a bit of a burden lately too – I think this is partly because I felt so inspired writing about Ryan Meili's campign for the leadership of the Sask NDP that the comedown afterwards was bigger than I expected.  Writing about libraries, technology and other topics that catch my attention is still fun but maybe not as meaningful as my political blogging? 

I don't know – I'm sure I've gone through lulls before (hell, my third post ever on this blog is titled “Day Three and Already Nothing to Write About“) and on that note, I'm heading for three and a half years as a blogger (hard to believe) so maybe that's part of the restlessness I feel?  I have a couple ideas floating around – I've joked about adding more of those semi-easy recurring features like my “Friday Fun Link” and my “Music Monday” things – I was thinking of doing a “picture of the day” now that I've got the iPhone and have a camera with me pretty much 24/7.  I've also been tossing around the idea of moving to a new server and converting to WordPress.  Finally, I've also been thinking of changing the focus of my online energies to more life streaming (which is what a lot of us online are already doing to varying degrees with our Twitter tweets and our Flickr photos posts and our music scrobbles and so on…) 

I don't know – maybe I'm just burned out from a weekend of fun in the sun and lots of visiting and lots of chasing kids around a campfire and lots of beer and so on.  Hoepfully I'll recoup a bit in the next day or two and get the fire back (er, as much as anything about libraries can get you fired up.  Well, actually maybe it can!  Thanks to DJ for the link on Facebook!) 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I know what you mean about blog fatigue. I'm struggling with that myself. Perhaps the emotional factor is the issue for me… I still write but in a journal and more random scribbling than whole segments.
    I guess ultimately a blog reflects who the writer is as a person and where they're at in their life. A blog can change as a person does or a person can create a new blog for a new direction in their writing.
    Whatever you decide, enjoy it and make sure it reflects you. Don't worry about us, we'll follow you wherever you go! ;-D

    Posted 27 Jul 2009 at 2:22 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Yeah, we definitely have different types of blogs and I can see how fatigue could set in for yours with the emotional outlay that yours requires.
    Mine should be more straight-forward – every day brings new stories in the library and technology world and I've always given myself great openness to write about a wide range of topics rather than a single them or subject.
    I think a big part of the fatigue for me is that I try to blog daily so that sometimes becomes a burden rather than a tool to keep me writing regularly.
    Anyhow, it's good to know my readers will follow me anywhere!

    Posted 30 Jul 2009 at 7:50 pm
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