Dwain Lingenfelter Gets One More Prominent Endorsement?

I knew that our campaign was the positive campaign but I didn't realise the scope of this good vs. uhm, not quite as good contest until I logged into Facebook this morning and saw the following:

(Seriously, I
knew that Link padding his Facebook page with hundreds of
non-Saskatchewan residents from his wife's home country would come back
to haunt him somehow – I just didn't know it would be a Biblical level
of reckoning! 

Oh, and just so this post has a bit of real content, here's a link to a recent analysis of Facebook trends by the Accidental Jurist.  I'm off to CLA in Montreal for a week as of today so I don't have time to do it.  But if anybody wants to wade through all 666 of Link's Facebook fans to try and count how many are identifiable as belonging to a Saskatchewan network or otherwise known to be Saskatchewan residents and compare that with a similar analysis of Ryan's 495 supporters, that would be interesting to see if there's been a change when I first did this count and found Link had about 25% of his support from identifiable Saskatchewan people versus 60% of Ryan's support. 

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