Friday Fun Link – Separated At Birth? (April 17, 2009)

Serendipity can be a wonderful thing.  Every morning, I meet for a brief staff meeting with my colleagues in my unit at the library.  Since the office where we meet is right by the DVD collection, I usually take a moment to peruse the day's offerings. 

Today, I happened upon a copy of “Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story“.  I'd watched the mini-series when it was first broadcast on CBC but with all the politicking lately, thought it was worth watching again.  [2009/05/12 edit – and lucky for DVD copies since CBC apparently faced some controversy with how the Jimmy Gardiner character was portrayed and is not planning to re-broadcast the mini-series again – did I read somewhere due to legal action?]

Looking at the face of actor, Michael Therriault who was cast to play Tommy Douglas, I couldn't help notice a striking similarity.  Perhaps that's a good omen for Ryan's campaign?


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