The Sites I Use for Basic Research

Our recent trip to Vegas made me think that I should do an entry where I list all of the sites I tend to visit (roughly in order) when you want to find out everything you can about any topic (ie. the “stay up until 4am the night before you leave” kinda topics).

* Google
* Wikipedia
* YouTube – great for seeing home videos of the hotel rooms where we'd be staying. 
* MetaFilter and AskMetaFilter (especially if you look through entries tagged with your subject instead of using the search feature)
* Reddit
* Facebook – some of the groups had interesting posts
* BitTorrent – yes, seriously – as a research tool.  Sort of.  (We ended up watching Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in “What Happens in Vegas” before we left which was ninety minutes of our lives we'll never get back.)
* Technorati and Google Blog Search
* Delicious – though I admit that this site is always one I forget about until near the end when I've exhausted all other avenues and then I always think “oh yeah – might as well check Delicious too.”
* Yelp although now we're getting into some of the tools I used that were for a specific type of query rather than those that could be used more generally to begin your research on anything. 

Ones I probably should've thought of but didn't…

* Scribd
* Slideshare

Did I miss anything obvious?

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