Canadian Library Human Resources Summit

[Barb pointed out in the comments here that you have to fill out your name, e-mail address and web site as required fields otherwise you may lose your comment when you click 'submit' on that blog.  I didn't realise this and apologise to anyone who may have lost their comment.  If you don't want to post your particulars because you're job seeking or you don't want your information spidered, you should be able to put in fake details that work just as well.]

Okay, the blog is up and
my first post is asking people for their thoughts on any aspect of HR as it relates to libraries. 

I don't often beg on this blog but I would *really* appreciate if you help me justify the expense they went to in bringing me here by going over there and posting a few thoughts – whether it's about the good and bad of library school (I know you can do that one!), what libraries should be doing in terms of recruiting and training new librarians, what myths you've heard about the future of staffing in libraries – anything really.

If it helps inspire you, pretend this is a thread where I post that I've got my first job or my baby is born and you feel compelled to post like you never have before (remember – post over there because posting here doesn't count.) 

Also, this is a great opportunity to directly address many of the top decision makers and senior managers in the Canadian library world so why not take advantage of that? 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Argh. Well, I just posted a long comment, but didn't fill in the fields, so it got completely lost.
    You might want to put a little asterisk or something saying “required fields” so that people know.
    And understand that by having to post with your name and email, it may make the comments more valid, but if you're someone (like me) who is actively job seeking, it's harder to say what we'd like to with our names attached. Especially if there's a chance – which, of course there is – that someone who might interview me will read it. I'd have posted annonymously over there. If I re-write my original comment, I will probably self-censor a little more. So … if you really want to know what we'd like to tell the HR types, you might need to accept some annonymous comments.
    Just sayin'.

    Posted 06 Oct 2008 at 3:30 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hey there,
    Sorry about that. I put an update on the page so they'd know that those were required fields. I also suggested using a pseudonym if they wanted their identity to be protected.

    Posted 13 Oct 2008 at 1:12 am
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