Friday Fun Link – 29 Apps for Students and White Collar Workers (Aug 29, 2008)

29 Web Apps For Students and White Collar Workers – lots of cool sites here, many of which I'd never seen before.

In other news, I had a surreal moment today: I was at a branch near my house today and got talking to a clerk.  When I mentioned my new position with RPL, she said she recognized my name when the announcement of my new position went out to all staff at RPL last week.  Turns out she used to work at the branch on the other end of the city that I frequented during undergrad…over ten years ago.  Apparently “frequented” doesn't begin to cover it! 

(My immediate thought was “oh no – I'm *that* guy.”  At Southeast, there were a few patrons who were such heavy users of the library system that everyone on staff knew them by name, professional staff would order books specifically for them, and we all speculated how these people could read the dozens of books they ordered each month.  I don't think I was that prolific when I went to that branch a decade ago – perhaps she just remembered me because I was in the category of “regular” rather than “super mega-user”!  At least I think that must be it! )

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