Pace's First Word(s)

We were at our family farm last weekend for a family reunion.  Shea was standing with Pace and one of my aunts. 
“What's that?” the aunt said pointing at a tractor.
“Track-ter!” Pace said.
“Oh, he's really talking, isn't he?” said the aunt.
“Uhm, yes” replied Shea who had never heard Pace say this word before.

So, here's a quick list of the words he knows in rough order that he said them…
– da-da (this is apparently the most common first word for infants)
– mama
– numa-numa (for milk.  That's also one of the few signs he's picked up so far though we aren't working him hard on this skill.)
– doggie
– ooh-ooh-ooh (when asked “what does a monkey say?”)
– moo (for “what does a cow say?”)
(On those last two, Shea says she read that animal noises count as “words”.  She's read a lot more parenting books than me so who am I to argue?)
– hi (not very often but he has said it – or something that sounds like it – on occasion)
– hot (this is his “key” word in that he says it ALL THE TIME since we said it so much around the campfire where his grandparents have a seasonal site.  Now he (sort of) gets the concept and points at stoves, pots, fires on TV and says “HOT!” while holding his hand up in a stop motion)
– dirty (and points to the garbage can)
– he also babbles something that sounds like “Lordy Lordy Lordy!” which I think is hilarious – was he born in the deep south?

That's about it I think.  Our son is quickly approaching the vocabulary of a really smart gorilla.  There's no stopping him now!

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