"Paint The Whole World Green" – Jason Plumb & the Willing

Does anybody remember The Waltons?  One of the best CanRock bands of the early to mid-1990's and the pride of Regina.  Their lead singer, Jason Plumb, is back in Saskatchewan and a fixture in the local music scene.

(via Abandoned Stuff)

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    “Colder than You” was one of my favourite songs for about nine years. I still have my “Lik my Tracter” tape. I loved the Waltons.

    Posted 23 Nov 2007 at 5:34 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I just had a funny picture pop into my head of The Waltons as a goth band. :0

    Posted 24 Nov 2007 at 2:48 pm

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