10 Great Music Videos

Sometimes it boggles my mind how much is available on YouTube.  I've taken full advantage by posting all kinds of clips on this blog (er, but watch them before the copyreich people get them taken down.)

Up until now, I've sort of limited myself to posting one clip per entry (I think the most I ever did at once was three.)  But for something different, I thought I'd do a list that's naturally suited to one of the most popular categories on YouTube – music videos (especially since MuchMusic and MTV apparently no longer play them.)

This isn't a “These are the absolute best music videos I've ever seen” as that would be impossible to compile.  Instead, it's more of an impressionistic stream of consciousness list of some of the videos I like for all kinds of reasons – great direction, great match of music and lyrics, innovative ideas.

No real criteria used otherwise except that I was trying not to pick the obvious ones.  Oh, and apparently I really like videos that play with time in some way or do something unique instead of just having the singer lipsynching – have celebrities and regular folk lip synching instead, show people listening and reacting to the song on headphones or just show a stereo speaker playing the song. 

On that note, here you go…

“Bastards of Young” – The Replacements

“Rock Star” – Nickelback (yeah, seriously)

“Return To Innocence” – Enigma

“Street Spirit (Fade Out)” – Radiohead

“At the Hundredth Meridian” – The Tragically Hip

“Here It Goes Again” – OK Go

“Praise You” – Fatboy Slim

“The Universal” – Blur

“Vidrar” – Sigur Ros

“First Day of My Life” – Bright Eyes

“What's The Frequency, Kenneth” – REM

“Right Now” – Van Halen

“Hurt” – Johnny Cash

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