TinyURL Explorer

TinyURL is a useful site that helps convert some of those mega-long URL's that some web sites give to their pages into something that's way more manageable. 

The site doesn't re-use their shortened versions and doesn't delete them (although some you click on may be expired at the source) so naturally, somebody has come up with an algorithm to view random TinyURL pages

After five random tries (not counting expired pages), I got:
1. a Bible passage about adultery
2. a guide to shopping in Dallas, TX
3. an aerial photo of a beach in Spain
4. a job posting at Cornell University
5. an E-bay auction for a Dell laptop

It's a great time waster to see all of the pages that people are converting (often to e-mail to others).  If you like looking in people's windows late at night, you'll enjoy this site! 

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