UWO FIMS "Spirit of Librarianship" Award – Call for Nominations

Meshell, who recently posted a great article called “Huckleberry Who?” on her blog that ties in nicely to my posts on the question of “Is there a Universal book?“, forwarded me the call for Spirit of Librarianship nomination for this term. 

I try to do a good job remembering to cite where I get my info/links for this blog (although not always successfully).  I also try to remember that my “audience” for this blog continues to become wider so putting a generic “SoL Call for Nominations” headers as I initially did might be mis-leading to some people.  Something anybody putting information on the Net has to keep in mind – it's more rare than it used to be but I still hit web sites that don't list full contact information for the organization or if they do, they won't list a state with the city or an area code with the phone number. 

It's hard to believe the current semester of library school is almost over.  It definitely goes faster when you're not there!  Here's a link to my Spirit of Librarianship page if you want some info on the award, past winners and nominees, etc.  otherwise, go ahead and nominate somebody!

Hello everyone,

The time has come again to collect nominations for the Spirit of Librarianship award.

Spirit of Librarianship Award is presented each term by the MLIS
Student Council to an MLIS student who “exemplifies the spirit of
librarianship” in their daily life as a student. It is based on a
positive collegial attitude and contribution, a willingness to help
whenever a need arises, and an interest in fellow students. Any current
Master of Library and Information Science student is eligible, except
those on co-op and those who have previously received the award.

nominate one of your fellow students, please send an email to
mlisstudentcouncil@gmail.com by March 29th.  In this email please give
not only the name of the person being nominated, but also write a short
summary as to why you are nominating them.  Please note: only
individuals can be nominated for the award.

After all
nominations are gathered, an email will be sent out with a list of all
nominations and explanations as to the voting process.  All questions
are welcome, and can be emailed to mlisstudentcouncil@gmail.com or by
asking a member of Council.

Spirit of Librarianship Committee

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks Jason, everyone get nominating!!

    Posted 23 Mar 2007 at 3:04 am
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