The Oscars – A Hypothetical Guide

I briefly thought about liveblogging the Oscars last night but realised that I'd just make the same snarky jokes that everyone else did

So instead, I thought I'd post hypothetical instructions on how you might view some of these films without leaving the comfort of your own home.
1. Hypothetically, download and install Azuerus, a bittorrent client.
2. Fictionally, download and install VLC, a video viewing client.
3. Imaginarily, visit and follow links to films you might possibly want to view (or go directly to and do a search for the relevant title there.  You can also search for other movies/music/TV shows/e-books as well I've heard.)
4. Supposedly, make sure you have ~800 MB (nearly 1 GB) of free hard drive space for each movie file you want to download.
5. Conjecturally, download the file by clicking on its name in the green box.  Within a few hours (or a few days for some movies), the film will be on your computer, ready to view. 
6. Leave the Bittorrent client open (you may want to pause transfers when you view the file to save processing power depending on how much memory you have) so that others will be able to receive the downloaded file from you, ideally until a share ratio of at least 1:1 is achieved (this is shown in the BitTorrent Client). 

Again, hypothetically. 

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