How To Make A Rye & Coke Press

I love looking at my referrer logs to see the search terms that bring people to this blog. 

Since December 1, that has been phrases such as:
“How Long Until I Get My Acceptance Letter from UWO?”
“FIMS Porn”

Yep, that last one is for real.  Somebody out there is looking for “FIMS porn”. 

The most important question I saw though, one so important that it needs an answer in case the person comes back (I'd referred to this drink earlier in my blog but without the recipe) is:

“How do I make a rye & coke press?”

The answer is:
– 2 oz. rye
– 1/2 glass of Coke
– 1/2 glass of water

[Edit: 2009-06-15 – seeing someone once again hit this page led me to the Google results that brought them here which, in turn, led to another person's recipe – interestingly, posted because they also saw people looking for instructions on how to make this drink in their referral strings.  That person says that 3 fingers Coke to 1 finger water is the proper ratio though we agree on 2 oz rye.  The point being, the recipe does allow for some variance – many people subscribe to the theory that it's the pop that gives you the hangover since it dehydrates you so less Coke is better.  Or it's easier on your guts.  Or something.  Oh, and some people think you have to put the Coke in first then the water and there are probably people who believe the opposite.  I don't really have a preference or know if it matters.]

If you want to be all exotic, you can also add a slice of lime to create what the fransaskois call “Le Présse“. 

I have verified this recipe with, the source of all Saskatchewan-related drinking knowledge.  (Somebody posted a message to see if Taylor Field served anything other than beer since his friend was allergic and this “recipe” was the answer he got in response.)

[Edit: Rory Litwin at LibraryJuice has a good essay on the information seeking behaviour revealed by web search strings and the implications for librarians.]

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Seriously, how long until I receive my acceptance letter for the MLIS program (starting in May)? I'm dying here.

    Posted 07 Dec 2006 at 4:05 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Jason isn't being quick on the uptake (or I just stay up later), FIMS takes Forever to send all essential information, it's basically just a waiting game. When you do get in (and you most likely will), it will also take a really long time for your schedule to arrive, possibly days before you need to be here. My attempt at a non-cynical silver lining: in it's own way, through the acceptance process, library school is already teaching the very librarian-like skill of patience. Good luck. 🙂

    Posted 07 Dec 2006 at 7:00 am
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Jason takes naps then stays up all night is more like it! Michelle's pretty much got it though – things don't always seem to arrive in a timely fashion. I applied in early October 2005 and had my confirmation by mid-November but was doing it in a very last minute fashion. My guess is that May 2007 isn't even on their radar yet as they're probably prepping for the January 2007 in-take. If you need to know (ie. some people need to know about a FIMS acceptance as they'll have time limited offers from other schools), it's worth contacting Rosanne Greene who is the Manager of Grad Student Services. She's always very busy so you might not get a prompt response (one e-mail I sent before coming here went unanswered completely) but that might help give you an answer.
    Good luck!

    Posted 07 Dec 2006 at 8:50 am

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