Top 10 Memories of My Year At FIMS – My Book Zine Submission

Each semester, some students put together the “Book Zine” which is a collection of Top Ten book lists and other randomness.  If you haven't submitted yet, you should!  It's a great little memento of each semester that also will provide lots of great book suggestions.  The deadline has just been extended.  Here's the scoop:

Our zine submission deadline has been extended to Friday, November
24th at noon, Mailbox 98 in the Grad Lounge or email your cool, wacky,
and/or inspirational top ten lists to

If you haven't received submission info here it is:
1. Write your NAME and book recommendations or funky lists on a 4/5 x 5/5 piece of paper.
2. Decorate it however you like, but in BLACK INK as we just photocopy as is.
3. Drop off your list in mailbox 98 in the Grad Lounge or email submission to
4. Contribute and get a FREE copy!  Extras will be $2 and available at the Destressor.
5. For inspiration, look at previous issues which are held in the GRC.

Questions, concerns, comments can be directed to Linda:

So far we've got some cool submissions such as
Guide to the Books that Got Me Through Library School”;
“Top 5 Things to Draw During Class”;
“Top Ten Indie Albums of 2006”. 

Previous submissions have included
“Top Ten Things to Say to Annoy Your Professors” and
“Top Ten Beers at the Grad Club”. 

USE YOUR IMAGINATION — there must be some of it left even if it is 3 weeks from end of the semester.

Good luck & have fun.

Linda B.

My submission this term was “Top 10 Memories of My Year at FIMS”.  I've chosen not to identify people by name to protect the innocent (er, the guilty.)

My Favourite Memories of a Year at FIMS
10.  A professor who's sick with a cold asks a student to read the day's lecture notes to the class for her.  Admittedly the professor's sick but the illusion that her own lecture managed to put her to sleep when the professor nods off is unavoidable.

9. A student returning from the washroom during the middle of a 503 class goes to sit down on their chair…and misses. 

8. Someone asks “What does this have to do with libraries?” during a particularly off-topic 506 class.

7. Someone reads the “fuck” section of the Dictionary of Slang during the Freedom to Read Week student reading in February. 

6. The one time a group did a presentation without using Powerpoint (hard to believe, I know!)

5. A group of students show up to class with red eyes and the munchies after smoking a very fragrant cigarette. 

4. Two students watching a movie on a laptop during class nearly get caught when the professor suddenly walks down the aisle to ask them a question.  (By the way, if you don't think professors know what you get up to when you bring your laptop to class, you're delusional.)

3. In defence of bringing laptops to class, a student is able to point out that the prof's analogy that the Internet is like a “spider web tattoo across the face of the globe” has another meaning…spider web tattooes are also a gang symbol that you've killed someone while in prison.

2. A group of students shave someone's head after a night of drinking (Since I was there, I feel obligated to mention the person volunteered and was conscious, although wobbly, the entire time.  Oh, and that it wasn't me that got my head shaved.  I was Assistant Barber #2.)

1. An instructor, the following day, facing a wall of beer stench, says sarcastically: “This process is a hangover…is that the right word?…no, a holdover…from the early days of librarianship.”

Comments 2

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I think you should convert your experiences at FIMS into a screenplay, and ultimately a movie. I do not think that this would be too difficult:
    1. You could easily come up with a catchy title, since it would include the word “library” or “librarian”. Perhaps if you included the word “wild” or “crazy” in the title to spice things up. Finally the word “adventure” could be used to give it that final edge. Of course, there are probably several hundred adult movies with these same words in the title, so you will have to choose your's carefully.
    2. They movie industry is starved for ideas. You definately have two options available 1) aim for the Hollywood market – strip the plot of any really meaningful content, although this debasing of your time at FIMS might seem appauling it certainly will be profitable, or 2) go for a more Canadian angle, maybe you could just write in a moody, dark librarian trying to confront their twisted past amid the hijinks of FIMS
    3. Just think if they decided to make your screenplay into a movie, you could claim that you must be involved in the casting process. Think, you could cast yourself as one of the top stars – perhaps even Brad Pitt if you were to go with the Hollywood angle. But even more fun is casting your classmates – just think, who could play the difficult and challenging role of coming back from the washroom in 503, and falling of your chair, or better yet the profs you had.
    4. Your blog has already captured many of the moments necessary for building the screenplay. You could even go a several month absinthe bender before writing the screenplay, forget everything that happend at FIMS, and then just return to your blog as a source of inspiration. In fact, 20 minutes using copy and paste in Word and you could probably have a rough draft of the screenplay done.
    5. – This one is the clintcher – aiming to make a movie about your experiences (rather than writing a book) about your time in Lib School is the ultimate irony.
    PS: FYI

    Posted 11 Jan 2007 at 6:04 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    “Party Girl” didn't really do it so I think there's still room for a really good library movie – either a dark indy-Canadian type flick, starring Eric Peterson as the crusty head librarian with a heart of gold and Sarah Polley as the ditzy but sensitive new librarian hire who gets the library out of its funding cut crisis via innovative programs such as such as “Singles night in the stacks” and the “Rockin' Your Books Off” concert series which double patron visits and raly community support.
    It could also be a big Hollywood romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks as the crusty head librarian with a heart of gold and Cameron Diaz as the ditzy but sensitive new librarian hire who reaches out to the people with her innovative programs such as “Singles night in the stacks” and the “Rockin' Your Books Off” concert series with her and Tom Hanks accidently on purpose hooking up via the first option and partying down as the end credits roll during the second one.

    Posted 12 Jan 2007 at 5:41 am

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