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Just a reminder that if you like reading this site (or if you don't and want something with more 100% library-related content with zero tangents about baby poop, Fred Eaglesmith and Saskatchewan), you might also want to boomark (or add it to your RSS reader.) 

Sabina's back in radio contact after being without Internet access for awhile and is posting up a storm.  I'm also making an effort to post more than Friday Fun Links over there as well.  Lots of library/technology/information stuff I come across fits better on that site so it's worth reading LibrarianActivist too! 

(For any newcomers, LibrarianActivist is a well-established library blog that's been around since November 2003.  The person who created it was a science librarian in Montreal but she recently decided to hand it over to new people.  She posted a message to that effect on the blog looking for someone.  One day Sabina came up to me at the Grad Club and was like “Did you see that Librarian Activist is looking for new owners?” and I was like “yeah, why?” and she goes “Dave and you and I are the new owners!” After I got over the initial “oh crap, another blog I have to post to” shock, I realised how perfect this was.  Sabina's ideal for this as she embodies activism.  Plus with Dave and I on board, we'd all be able to bring our own unique interests and perspectives plus share the load of putting up new posts on a regular basis.  This is just me talking out loud so don't go e-mailing me or Sabina right away if you're interested but we talked a bit about how cool it would be to make this a community blog, like MetaFilter, where a whole community of library-types could post stories as well.  We've only been running the site for a few months now so that's more of a “maybe someday” scenario at this point.)

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    a great site & i think the metafilter idea would be great…next thing you know you'll do something crazy like start an online journal of library activism…and get cool people on the board of directors like sabina iseli-otto, david jackson, annette de favri and john pateman and brian campbell and jessamyn west and sandy berman and rory litwin and jason hammond and elisabeth davies and gord nickerson and lynne mckechnie and of course oscar. And we'll be graduated from library school by then and actually have time to read something like a challenging, thought-provocative article or two…I have this eerie feeling I need more time here…

    Posted 20 Nov 2006 at 3:23 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    The CLA is currently in the process of revamping their site and though it likely won't have a complete activist slant, hopefully it will do more to bring together the community of Canadian librarians that are out there.

    Posted 24 Nov 2006 at 9:39 am
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