A Couple Thoughts on The Occasion of the First HNIC of the Year

The Scored's Prayer
Our Kipper, who art in goal,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy Stanley come,

thy will be done,

in Playoffs as in regular season.

Give us this day our daily win.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we drop the gloves with those

who trespass against us.

And lead us not into losses,

but deliver us from the Oilers.

For thine is the glove save,

and the quickness, and the pad stop,

for ever and ever.


Why I Play Rec Hockey

The funniest, craziest, strangest most irresponsible group of athletes in the
world. Will do anything just to be able to tell his teammates a great
story in the dressing room. Live the dream until they are 35 then
realize they never made it.  But still, they lace up the skates, put on the gloves,
strap on the helmet, and walk on to the ice and nothing else matters. It
doesn't matter that you failed a test, your boss is giving you grief, or
that you got a ticket on the drive to the rink…your world is absolutely
perfect for the next couple hours. Here's to face-offs, goals, assists,
hat tricks, overtime, cold rinks, early mornings, late nights, breakaways,
going top shelf, countless hours of practice, dangling d-men, end to end rushes, big hits,
broken sticks, new skates, dropping the mitts, adding the letter “y” to the end of everyone's last
name, the word “fuck”, let downs, miracles and most of all…the game of
Hockey. Why do we skate back and forth night after night chasing a little piece of vulcanized rubber? Skating so
hard we feel like we're going to throw up. Skating so hard your heart beat rings in your head,
while your lungs are grasping for air. Friday night games imagining Saturday evening viewing, broken teeth, torn muscles and deep
bruises. We skate through it all. Why? Because we live off our
adrenaline, because the game frees your spirit, because the party in the
locker room is second to none, because you're invincible once you step
on the ice, because one shot can make you smile all night, sniping the
twine, top shelf where momma keeps the peanut butter, the rattling of
the boards, the feel of the puck, and skates carving into the ice is a
rhythm to live by, because it is possible to skate fast enough to leave
all your worries behind. Sweat is the cologne of our accomplishment. Why
would someone push themselves so hard the uninitiated always ask?
for the money, it's not for the glory, and it's not for the
fame. We play because we love it.

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