GG Award Winner, Art Slade, Coming To FIMS – All Details Finalized!


Below is an e-mail I just sent out to the department’s mailing list.  I really *really* want a good crowd out for this event so I have a mission for you, faithful readers. 

I want you to subtly (and not so subtly) do everything you can to make sure we have a standing room only crowd for this event!  Talk it up to your classmates, remind your friends (sneak a note into their day planners), if necessary, frog-march them to NCB2985 on the day!  This event isn’t limited to FIMS students either so if you want to bring your local librarian, your child’s teacher or your book club, go right ahead.

I’ve accepted “Oh, I forgot all about it” as an excuse for people missing Lunch Buckets in the past but Art’s basically agreed to come two hours out of his way to visit FIMS so I want to have a jam-packed room to welcome him!

(Revealed: the secret techniques of the successful event organizer – beg, bribe and berate!) 😉 

Hi all,

We’re having a very special guest speaker on October 23 that I’m especially excited about so I really hope you can come out!

For those of you who are new to FIMS or don’t know about it, I’d like to tell you a bit about the Lunch Bucket Speaker Series.  It’s a recurring event I initiated in January 2006 to bring authors, publishers and others from the wider Canadian book industry to the FIMS community.

In the past nine months, we’ve had authors (including a recent FIMS grad who has a book coming out –, a local literary publisher, the Executive Director of an international literacy organization, a panel discussion of students who have worked in libraries before coming to FIMS and more.  With that said, this guest speaker tops them all!

Who: Governor General’s Award-Winning Author, Art Slade ( along with local Young Adult Author, Maggie Wood (

Time: 12 – 1pm
Date: Monday October 23
Location: NCB 285

* Books will be on sale at this event and this is a great chance to not only meet and ask questions of two highly regarded authors but get signed copies of their books.

E-mail me if you have any questions (  Otherwise, I hope to see you there!


PS – Just to clarify, the Lunch Bucket series is not connected to the Department’s “Brown Bag” speaker series which focuses on presenting faculty and student research.  The only similiarity is that it too is a great series whose events you should make every effort to attend as well!

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