How News Travels In A Small Town

My wife and I recently played a practical joke on my mother-in-law, Joan.  If you haven't read about it, go read that first.  Don't worry…I'll wait.

Okay, got it?  Here's the update: a couple days after we pulled the prank, Joan got a phone call from a family friend who, disguising his voice, said “This is Roger at the, uhm, library.  Your book on how to have multiple orgasms is in.”

The latest is that Joan was at work the other day and a janitor teased her, “Hey Joan, I wanna join your book club.  It sounds like a good one!” 

Although we knew that stories traveled quickly in a small town, we didn't realise that our little prank would make the rounds like this.  We're a bit nervous seeing what we've created and knowing that “payback will be a bitch” as Joan claimed when she called to tell us about her original encounter at the library to pick up a book we'd put on hold for her (which turned out to be “The Joy of Sex”).  She once pranked someone else by signing them up for square dance lessons but this revenge will be much much worse I would imagine! (I'll probably end up enrolled in one of those “dance like a stipper” classes or something.  Yikes!)

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