10 Things I've Learned in Library School (So Far)

At the end of my first semester, I posted “10 Tips For New Library School Students“.  On Tuesday, I'll begin my third (and final) semester of library school.  I honestly can't believe how fast the time has gone.  In honour of that mini-milestone, here's another similar list: 

1. Cataloguing can be fun and interesting (but not enough to make me take Advanced Cataloguing.)
2. Library students still end up with library fines on a regular basis (and even accidently let books get soaked in the rain.  Oops!)
3. Everytime you have a question you can't answer, you feel shame as you think “I should be able to find the answer to that.” 
4. Attending a library school in London and thinking you'll get to Toronto all the time is about as futile as living in Calgary and thinking you'll go to the mountains all the time.  
5. Wearing your “Sex, Drugs & Classification” class t-shirt to orientation will get you strange looks, even from new library students. 

6. Bus drivers in this town, for the most part, hate students and if you write to complain about this fact, you will receive no response (even though their web site says “we will respond to all comments within 48 hours.”)
7. You'll probably get your lowest marks from your best professors.  This is why they are your best professors. 
8.  Related to that last point, marks are overrated.  So is sleep. So is getting stressed out about either one of those two things. 
9.  If you take your laptop to class, you can get twice as much work done (it's called “multi-tasking”.)
10. Libraries are going to be replaced by Google and Wikipedia so any library student reading this should probably start thinking about that Master of Computer Science degree. 

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