Misadventures at CLA – Day Three (Friday)

I'm actually going to post an entry on the day I'm writing about if you can believe it!  Up early and over to hotel but the shuttle bus was full so I had to wait for the 9:20am one, missing half of the session I wanted to attend – “Public Library Statistics Across Canada” which was MUCH more interesting than the title would lead you to believe.  Skipped out of the second session (I think I went to something but it was boring so left) and ended up talking to various people who were also doing the “networking” thing.  Met one guy who convocated a couple years ago and who recognized me from my blog! I sometimes forget that I'm not just doing this little project for myself.  Yikes!  Went to the First Timers Interest Group (not the real name) meeting at noon and a couple of my suggestions – a mixer for students and recent grads only as an alternate to the pub crawl and also the idea of bringing forward a resolution that students should be allowed to attend the conference for free were well-received.  Unfortunately, found out later that we were too late to get the resolution on the agenda.  Perhaps we can make it happen for next year?  Or maybe they don't even need a formal resolution and can just work towards it as an executive?  Who knows – I have no idea how the politics of an organization this large work.  I'm used to organizations of betwen 50-500 members with about 10 active members in each!   What else?  Time's running out at the Internet cafe and I'm too tired and poor to pay another couple bucks so I'll wrap up quickly.  Went to the UWO Alumni Reception at the Honest Lawyer pub and it was good.  Mostly hung out with Sabina and David but also a few others.  Taking trays of food at a time was a risky proposition but no one stopped us which was good.  Went for a wander with Shea and that was enjoyable and made me realise that I've missed a lot being in conference all week while she did the touristy stuff.  Ended up bumping into Denise, Ella and Guida so had supper with them.  One minute left…bye!  (Off-topic – how embarrasing that my last song listened to on the sidebar for the last few days was left as Paris Hilton's “Stars Are Blind”???)

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