Lazy Sunday

The parents have
left, Shea's at work and I'm just relaxing a bit, enjoying having the
apartment completely to myself for the first time in ages.

Took it easy on M&D's final day here – slept in a bit then drove
around looking for a place to eat.  All were busy or closed or
being renovated so we ended up going to the Grad Club which was nice
(in that M&D get to see where I spend all my time here! )

Classmate of the Day:
Mark MacEachern for letting me know that the cheapest tickets to a Blue
Jays game are only $9.  I took advantage of this tip to have a
good suggestion ready when we were all in Toronto yesterday but it was
raining and our sightseeing plans were ruined.

I thought those cheap tickets would put up somewhere in the nosebleeds
behind left field but we ended up in seats right behind home plate,
albeit a bit high up.  But pretty awesome overall and a great game
too – 8-1 Blue Jays.

(PS – have started using Flickr to host my photos and starting to see why all the Technorati love it so.)

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Love the fact that you guys look airbrushed in against a pre-made background image, like Sears family photographs, but with nice drop sheets behind you instead of that crazy grey miasma.

    Posted 25 Apr 2006 at 3:40 pm

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