One Semester Down, Two To Go

Hard to believe I'm finished my first semester as of today!  

I got my course registration list for the summer a couple days ago: 

506 Management
525 Managing Internet Information Services
566 Children's and Young Adult Literature
697 Individual Study
746 Special Topic: Introduction to Collection Development Practices in Academic Libraries

I'm going to do
my individual study on the relationship between Canadian book
publishers and libraries (the exact focus isn't finalized yet.) 
I'm pretty happy (and surprised) that I got into all of my first
choices – I've talked to a few classmates who didn't.  The most
disappointing thing is that there are about four other courses that I
could've easily substituted into this list as I would've liked to take
them as well. 

We had our final Lunch Bucket speaker series of the semester today and
it was a group of first termers with library experience plus Renee from
second term who's got a Library Tech diploma having a panel discussion
entitled:  “Here In the Real World: Life Before (and After)
MLIS”  Had about 15 people out which was a better crowd than I
expected on the last day of classes to be honest.  Great
discussion and my only regret is not taking my minidisc to record what
was being said.  When we did sessions at the SPG, we'd have
someone (usually Jill or I) designated to take notes and then we'd post
them online for future reference.  Have to admit I was a bit
disappointed that no one from faculty or staff showed up – I mean,
you'd think they might take an interest in a topic like this?  But
maybe they think they get all the feedback they need on the program via
other channels?  Who knows…

Quinn also had a good crowd out to watch “The Aristocrats” last night
even though there was a huge downpour.  Only one person walked out
and I think that might've been because he turned the lights down
completely and she couldn't work on her needlepoint. 

And the Book Zine is out (well, I got a preview copy last night after
they finished compiling them at the Grad Club.  Not sure if
they've made it to our mailboxes yet) and it's a great little
collection.  Easily the best list is Mike McNally's “Top Ten
Things I've Actually Said In Class To Astound & Annoy
Professors”.  I'm trying to convince Ella to scan in all the back
issues plus this one and put them online.  If anybody's taking
Preservation or Archives or whatever that stream of classes are called,
maybe you could do this as a class project? <hint, hint>

I'm off to drink some Bushwakkers beer at 7pm at Lyndsay's then we're
likely on the road all weekend touring around so I probably won't be
posting until Sunday or so.

Classmate of the Day: Just
because I'm in such a good mood and it feels appropriate, let's give it
to every single person in the Class of January 2006.  Yay

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    what do I need to do to get a copy of this zine?

    Posted 14 Apr 2006 at 1:27 am

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