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I've been using Last FM
to track the songs I listen to since sometime before Christmas and was
very glad to see that they also provide an RSS feed of “Songs That
You've Recently Listened To” among other options.  After a bit of
messing around, I was able to add the feed to the right column of this
blog so now, there should be the equivalent of a “Now Playing” list
constantly being updated there (I'll have to be careful about indulging
in my Bon Jovi obsession too much now that this information will be

I'm not sure what happens if I don't listen to a song with Winamp (my
main media player which sends the information to Last FM initially) for
awhile since I sometimes use other services for music – streaming tunes
from AccuRadio and Pandora mainly but also Iceberg Radio and Live365
sometimes.  But I guess I'll see what happens when it does. 

I'm off to bed soon after “The Daily Show” and it's going to be a busy
week next week – I have an assignment due everyday which is probably my
craziest week since Feb 3, a single day when I had a big assignment due
plus a group presentation plus was trying to get ready to go to
OLA.   That was tough and this next week could be just as
bad.  Plus I've got another iron in the fire that I won't get into
yet as it's not confirmed.  But if it comes together, this new
project could be quite time-consuming.  (Early in the term when I
was organizing guest speakers and planning class events and joining
clubs and god knows what else, someone asked “how do you do so much?”
and I replied “Uhm, I don't do any schoolwork?”  That's what it's
going to feel like again if this thing comes to pass, I think!)

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