Now that I've
figured out what time zone I'm in (I think my first entry was
timemarked as the default Pacific time zone and that last one, I
thought I was in “Central” (because I'm in Central Canada right?) 
when in fact, I'm in “Eastern”.  That's what I get from coming
from a province that doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time at all – I'm
as confused at those cows that won't know when to produce milk if
Saskabush adopted such a radical proposal. 

Anyhew, a couple posts ago, I was cribbing Fred's monologue on the
Freddies.  Done in (mostly) good humour, it's also got a lot of
truth to it and the Freddies were out in full force Saturday night –
chattering loudly through the slow songs, calling out gibberish
requests during the breaks between songs, swaying beside the stage as
they take pictures nearly knocking over a lighting rig on those of us
in the front tables. 

To top it off, we saw the emergence of a new category of fan, the Fredette.  Closely aligned with the Freddie, this creature, her best years far behind her but wanting to recapture some of the Hot 100-fuelled
craziness of her youth, stumbles onto stage during Fred's first encore
and stands with her arm around him as he looks off into the distance,
like a man trying not to see the gigantic spider in the tree beside
him.  Needless to say, we didn't get a second encore. 

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