“I quit my job on
Monday, took my holiday pay and went to the liquor store where I cashed
my cheque and bought all the liquor I could.  I headed for
home in my pick-up truck with its 6-CD player listening to all Fred
Eaglesmith's albums (except the “50-Odd Dollars” one which was a bit
weird for me and the first three ones which I don't like.)  Later, that week, I go the concert, park beside
Fred's bus and go bang on the door – “Freeeddddiiiieeee! 
No answer so I pass out, miss the show, wake up at the end and go up to Fred in the
autograph line.  “You changed my life, man.  Never mind that
woman in line man.  I wanna talk to you about your songs,
man.  Look man, just leave her alone.  You wanna friggin'
go?  You think you're so cool with your guitar, man.  Fred,
you changed my life, man.” 

Yep, I'm a white-trash wannabe, a middle-class person living an honest
working-person's life vicariously through the music of Fred
Eaglesmith.  Since I talk about him on the Internet sometimes,
Shea and I have managed to hook up with a group of 18 Fredheads who are
going to Brantford tonight to see the man.  Should be fun – my
first Ontario Fred experience.  Next time…

(PS – I had leftover porkchops, noodles and corn for lunch.  It was most excellent.)

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