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Friday Fun Link – Dancing at the end of @officialRPL 50th Anniversary “Retro” Party

After originally being posted by Shea to Facebook (which means I have plausible deniablility but also that not everyone could view it since she didn’t make it public), this video has taken on a bit of legendary status. I’m getting all these cryptic e-mails from other people at RPL (and even beyond) that say “Hey, […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – My First Day of Work at Regina Public Library (Sept 8, 2008)

Hard to believe that today is my eight year anniversary of working at Regina Public Library. Our Director even brought me cake.  Well, technically donuts.  And technically not for me but leftovers from an all-day meeting he was in at our branch.  But a guy can pretend, right? 😉 Anyhow, here’s a horrible posed photo […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Writers Guild of Alberta: The First Thirty Years

Saw this posted on Facebook today – a history of the Writers Guild of Alberta’s first 30 years including one passing mention of myself as one of a handful of people who worked as coordinators of the WGA’s Calgary office over the years.

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – A Creative Use For Assistive Technology in a Public Library (March 2013)

When I worked in RPL’s Outreach Unit serving Regina’s homebound & visually impaired citizens, one of my projects was to facilitate the purchase and implementation of  a number of pieces of Assistive Technology equipment. Due to an inquiry from a colleague who was setting up a series of Lego programs, we also realised this equipment […]

SnapCircuits FM Transmitter vs. iPad

Pace got a pretty cool gift at the RPL Staff Kids’ Christmas Party today – the Snap Circuits FM Radio Receiver Kit which allows a kid to make a working FM receiver. He got it set up and even tuned into the local FM station that goes “All Christmas Music, All The Time” during December for […]

Saturday Snap – RPL Staff Photo

A variety of people including Regent Place Branch Staff and assorted others who helped make RPL’s 2015 Maker Event happen…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Cuba Libre! (March 2011)

This is the reminder that popped up on my work computer the day before we left for Cuba a few years back…

“His Name Was Alan Kurdi”

A “refugee crisis” is something far away and remote.  Kenya.  Bangladesh.  Syria. Foreign.  Easily ignored. But this.  This is something different. This is a child. A child whose death has given a face to the millions of other children and adults around the world who are fleeing natural disasters and famine and war. A child posed as […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – A Most Canadian Library Sign (July 9, 2008)

When I worked for a regional library system, many of our libraries were located in unusual locations – many co-located with a town office, a school that had been closed, a fire hall, a laundry mat. And of course we had one that was in a hockey rink – whose main doors became the entrance […]

Timmins Library Relents, Allows Girl Into “Boys Only” Robotics Program

The public library in Timmins, Ontario recently tried to offer a “boys only” robotics class but ended up facing a huge backlash (including many female scientists and engineers) after not allowing a girl to register for the program. I understand what the library was trying to do in offering a program focused on reaching boys who tend […]