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Throwback Thursday – #tbt – A Creative Use For Assistive Technology in a Public Library (March 2013)

When I worked in RPL’s Outreach Unit serving Regina’s homebound & visually impaired citizens, one of my projects was to facilitate the purchase and implementation of  a number of pieces of Assistive Technology equipment. Due to an inquiry from a colleague who was setting up a series of Lego programs, we also realised this equipment […]

2015 End of Year Memes: Two Tropical Trips, Election Wins & Loses, Campy Camper Camping

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? One of many secret shames in that I never learned how to downhill ski when I was growing up.  The first year we did a class trip to Mission Ridge in the Qu’Appelle Valley, I was injured and couldn’t go.  Then the next […]

SnapCircuits FM Transmitter vs. iPad

Pace got a pretty cool gift at the RPL Staff Kids’ Christmas Party today – the Snap Circuits FM Radio Receiver Kit which allows a kid to make a working FM receiver. He got it set up and even tuned into the local FM station that goes “All Christmas Music, All The Time” during December for […]

Saturday Snap – RPL Staff Photo

A variety of people including Regent Place Branch Staff and assorted others who helped make RPL’s 2015 Maker Event happen…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – Cuba Libre! (March 2011)

This is the reminder that popped up on my work computer the day before we left for Cuba a few years back…

“His Name Was Alan Kurdi”

A “refugee crisis” is something far away and remote.  Kenya.  Bangladesh.  Syria. Foreign.  Easily ignored. But this.  This is something different. This is a child. A child whose death has given a face to the millions of other children and adults around the world who are fleeing natural disasters and famine and war. A child posed as […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – A Most Canadian Library Sign (July 9, 2008)

When I worked for a regional library system, many of our libraries were located in unusual locations – many co-located with a town office, a school that had been closed, a fire hall, a laundry mat. And of course we had one that was in a hockey rink – whose main doors became the entrance […]

Timmins Library Relents, Allows Girl Into “Boys Only” Robotics Program

The public library in Timmins, Ontario recently tried to offer a “boys only” robotics class but ended up facing a huge backlash (including many female scientists and engineers) after not allowing a girl to register for the program. I understand what the library was trying to do in offering a program focused on reaching boys who tend […]

The Second Job You Don’t Know You Have: How Self-Checkouts, ATMs and Airport Check-Ins are Changing Our Economy

Shadow work [is] all the unpaid jobs we do on behalf of businesses and organizations: We are pumping our own gas, scanning our own groceries, booking our travel and busing our tables at Starbucks. Shadow work is a new concept, so as yet, no one has compiled economic data on how many jobs we, the […]

Music Monday – “They call me a troublemaker ’cause I’m finally saying “no”/I’ve been working hard and yet my pay is still so low

A highlight of my time at the Writers Guild of Alberta was getting to book Maria Dunn to speak and perform at our annual conference at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. “Troublemaker” – Maria Dunn