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How Much Happens Every 60 Seconds On The Internet?

A lot!

Live Map of Changes to Wikipedia

Fascinating (although not quite as comprehensive as you’d expect – only people who aren’t logged in to Wikipedia accounts have their IP addresses logged when they make edits.  So this visualization only shows a small subset of active Wikipedia editors – mostly made up of those not committed enough to have an account or who are […]


…is a word with a homograph (a word of the same spelling) that is also an antonym (a word with the opposite meaning). The more you know!

2012 “End-of-Year Questions” Meme: Hawaiian Paradise, Kindergarten Kid, and “It’s (Going To Be) A Girl”

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? Saw a photo of the brain of someone I know! Shea’s nephew has had a variety of health issues for the past five years including numerous seizures. This year, he was taken to Vancouver for some operations to address these, as yet, undiagnosed […]

Wikipedia’s Doing Their Annual Year-End Fundraising Drive – Do They Need To?

According to this article, not really.

@ryanmeili Monday – Wikipedia Woes for #skndpldr Candidate Headshots

I’ve got a well-documented love/hate relationship with Wikipedia. As much as I love the idea of Wikipedia, I’m frequently disappointed by how it runs in practice.  The non-notability issues.  The deletionists.  The scammers (including, recently, a Wikipedia trustee who was discovered accepting payment via his consulting company for ensuring placement of certain articles on the […]

Social Media Showdown – #SKNDPLDR Edition

During the last Sask NDP leadership race, I spent a lot of time analysing the social media aspects of each candidate’s campaign. As we get another leadership race underway, the social media landscape has changed and grown, both in terms of services available and also the reach of sites like Facebook, Twitter and numerous other […]

Digital Strategy Catches Up With the Present: An Interview with The Smithsonian’s Michael Edson

Lots to think about in this interview and presentation… Some choice quotes… We don’t have to wait to see if social media and crowdsourcing and mobile data in the cloud are going to add up to anything useful. It’s happened. These things are real, now today….We need to change our collective mindset from “let’s be […]

Friday Fun Link – The Internet Galaxy

A web developer has created a map of the 350 000 largest sites on the Internet reflecting their relative size and also their relationships with each other. (via MetaFilter)

“You Don’t Have To Suffer Alone”

The Leader Post recently featured a revealing article about Regina lawyer, activist and federal NDP candidate, Noah Evanchuk (I’d link to the Wikipedia page I created about him but the bastards at Wikipedia think that being a candidate in a federal election isn’t enough to make you notable unless you win the election.  Stupid, made […]