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+14 on November 8? Wow. #yqr

I can’t find it now but a few years back, I posted a graphic showing the forecast for December 24, 25 & 26 which all showed +4. Today is along the same lines – we’re having double digit plus temperatures well into November and today might be the warmest day yet. A couple friends on […]

Super Moon Eclipse

Watched some of the rare supermoon lunar eclipse with Shea and Pace tonight.  Pretty cool, especially considering the last time it happened was 1982 and it won’t happen again until 2033!

Winter Sucks.

A caller to CBC Radio’s Morning Edition has an epic rant after the show host says the weekend weather will be “nice” at -1 degree. 24 Pictures That Capture How Insane the Snowmaggedon in Buffalo Really Is

Saturday Snap – File Under “Other”

Management is having staff at my library do a week-long “Activity Assessment” project where all staff have to record what they’re doing every five minutes of their shifts. Now if I could just figure out where “Boost Patron’s Truck” is on their report form?  😉 

Music Monday – “And I know that by February/My thoughts on snow may be contrary/But this is now/And then is then.”

This is another annual tradition on this blog. I’m fudging a bit this year as the snow fell overnight from Monday to Tuesday but since it fits better as a Music Monday post, here’s my annual post of one of my favourite Hawksley Workman songs posted on a Tuesday but dated for Monday! 😉 “First […]

Friday Fun Link – Only in the Prairies (Record High and Record Low, Same Day, One Year Apart)

This graphic showed up on Reddit as a perfect snapshot of what you can expect in Alberta – a record high and record low only one year apart.  (It showed up earlier this week and I didn’t bookmark it but assume it was a shot from around this time of the year – late September […]

Saturday Snap – Nice Weather’s Here…

  …so we’re in the backyard as much as possible!  

Another Great Thing About Reddit…

…it’s a great resource to get non-traditional thoughts, pictures and feedback on local news and events. Just like my recent post on the value of Google Street Maps as a way to “travel” without leaving home, Reddit can help you do the same, especially when there is a current news event happening in a specific […]

Music Monday – “Yeah, when we met I was sold/Yeah, but nothing is colder than you.”

I know this song isn’t really about the weather.  But if nothing else, the title of this song by a popular Saskatchewan band from back in the day seemed appropriate for the winter in this province so far and especially for the last few days in particular… “Colder Than You” – The Waltons

Music Monday – “And I know that by February/My thoughts on snow will be contrary/But this is now and then is then!”

Here are a few pics I threw together in a slideshow to celebrate the first snow of the year. “Celebrate” might sound like the wrong word but for me, the first snow of the year is always exciting and, as the song says, “I know that by February/My thoughts on snow will be contrary/But this […]