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Radio Garden: Listen To The World

This should probably be a Friday Fun Link but it’s so cool, I wanted to share it right away. More than a streaming service, Radio Garden allows you to easily move from radio station to radio station around the world in a very intuitive, easy-to-use fashion (although Chrome has WebGL disabled by default so you’ll either […]

Music Monday – “You’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas of white/But I’ll have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas”

This is a fitting song for my last Melancholy Christmas Music Monday post this month – both for the sad lyrics but also how its being performed in front of and indirectly evoking Barack Obama (and heck, if you squint, even the “Christmas of white” could be a reference to Trump’s support among white working […]

Friday Fun Link – Map of the World’s Rudest Place Names Is A Thing of Beauty

Inordinately proud I’ve been to some of these places.  

Why Trump Will Smash Hillary (May 2016 video)

I had this bookmarked a long time ago but never got around to watching it.  But it’s very prescient knowing what we know now…

Music Monday – “From the Monogaleh valley/To the Mesabi iron range/To the coal mines of Appalachia/The story’s always the same/Seven-hundred tons of metal a day/Now sir you tell me the world’s changed/Once I made you rich enough/Rich enough to forget my name”

Still recovering from the US Election results, I ended up listening to Springsteen’s “The Ghost of Tom Joad” album this morning which seemed like a good fit with what happened in the Rust Belt last week (tellingly, in the New York Times story in that last link, the man who inspired the Springsteen song I’m posting […]

Two Competing Views of the US Election Result

“I Voted For the Middle Finger, The Wrecking Ball” – The Atlantic I am tired of the machine rolling over us—all of us.  The Clinton machine, the Republican machine, the big media, investment banking, hedge fund carrying interest, corporatist, lobbying, influence peddling, getting elected and immediately begin fundraising for the next election machine—they can all […]

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – “I’m Voting Obama” (November 2012)

Happier times… And when Cam Broten beat Ryan Meili by 44 votes out of thousands cast after Ryan was widely expected to win, I learned the hard way that you can never count someone out. I never thought Trump could beat Clinton but I never assumed it was a sure thing either.  In fact, I […]

My Electoral Map Projection

I’ve got a couple fun picks (Alaska and Utah go Democrat?) but with how crazy this whole election has been, why not have one last unexpected moment?  (If I was being really crazy, I’d pick Hillary to flip Texas – *that* would be something!) You can play too!

Music Monday – “You held me down but I got up/Already brushing off the dust/You hear my voice, your hear that sound/Like thunder, gonna shake your ground”

I’m still not a huge Hillary fan for all manner of reasons but she has grown on me as the election has progressed. So, with pollsters predicting her becoming the 45th President of the United States tomorrow is somewhere between 75 – 99% inevitable, I thought I’d balance my earlier list of “10 Reasons Hillary Should […]

Need A Break From Non-Stop US Election Coverage? Watch #undecided on Netflix

With only a couple days left, if you want a nice break from the non-stop US election coverage, why not check out “Undecided: The Movie” on Netflix? This hilarious mockumentary follows two “undecided voters” as they interact with various candidates and try to decide who to support. Shot with the actual US election campaign as […]