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Music Monday – “I can’t sleep tonight/Everybody saying everything’s alright/Still I can’t close my eyes/I’m seeing a tunnel at the end of all these lights”

This is a very fitting song for the United Kingdom in a week that saw the population unexpectedly vote to leave the European Union via a very narrow margin in the “Brexit” referendum and then another upset as England is knocked out of the Euro Football Championships by Iceland of all places (cue jokes about England not being […]

Friday Fun Link – The Leicester Miracle

This is a great summary of the incredible season of underdog British football team, Leicester Foxes. Whether you follow international soccer or not, stories like this are what make sport so engaging.

(Belated) Music Monday – “Abandon all reason/Avoid all eye contact/Do not react/Shoot the messengers”

I forgot to do a Music Monday post yesterday but it worked out okay because this video showed up in my News Feed today! Most people figured a new Radiohead song/album was imminent as Radiohead, already known for very unique albums releases, had done something very unique in the past few days. In our hyper-viral attention […]

Friday Fun Link – Books Everyone Should Read

Word cloud created from the “most read books” lists from a variety of libraries, booksellers, book web sites and other sources… (via Reddit)

Kids React To The Beatles

I am pleasantly surprised at the majority of the reactions these kids have to clips of the Beatles at various points in their history…

Music Monday – “Look up here/I’m in Heaven”

“Lazarus” – David Bowie David Bowie, one of the most influential, durable and creative musicians of the past half century, died today.  He released his final album only a couple days ago on his 69th birthday then passed away after living with cancer for 18 months. One of the songs on his new album, “Lazarus” […]

Music Monday – “Each Christmas come since World War One I’ve learned it’s lessons well/That the ones who call the shots won’t be among the dead and lame/And on each end of the rifle we’re the same.”

They don’t come much sadder than this one… “Christmas in the Trenches” – John McCutcheon

One Month ‘Til Christmas!

May your resident librarian recommend a book to help you pass the next few weeks? 😉

An Illustration of European Asylum Seekers

Although it looks somewhat like an outtake from the new Star Wars movie, there’s a very serious reality behind Lucify.com’s site that illustrates the flow of asylum seekers from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the past three years.  (via Reddit)

Saturday Snap – It Was Twenty Years Ago Today… Looking Back to My Four-Month University Exchange to York, England

Hard to believe but twenty (!) years ago today, I took off from Regina, Saskatchewan and landed in Paris, France, a couple weeks before I was set to begin a one semester exchange in York, England (where I took three courses including a Film Production class that gives us the slightly un-PC clip at the top […]