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Pissident Elect @realdonaldtrump

Lots of great humour about the reports that Donald Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on him. The absolute funniest part to me is that a guy who makes up shit, lies freely, changes his story regularly and was helped greatly by “fake news” is now being undermined by an unsubstantiated rumour. Someone joked that […]

Friday Fun Link – 19 Totally Real Conversations Obama and Biden Have Had Since the Election

Not too much funny about the election results but this made me chuckle.

The Breakfast Club Cast as Social Media Sites

I always did identify with Brian right down to having a very shitty experience in shop class (er, if anybody hasn’t seen the movie, Brian’s the character on the far left, not the far right!) ūüėČ

The First Cyber Security Election?

Most recent US Presidential elections get tagged as the first “something” – the first TV election, the first Internet election, etc. I think it’s pretty clear that 2016 is the first Cyber-Security election… Early in the campaign,¬†Bernie Sanders’ staff accessed a Democratic National Committee database containing info about the Clinton campaign via a security hole¬†in […]

Friday Fun Link – What The World’s Biggest Sites Looked Like At Launch

This is pretty interesting¬†featuring screenshots of the original version of sites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. For comparison’s sake, here’s what my very first web page looked like in December 1998 (this isn’t the first page I ever made but the earliest I could find in the Wayback Machine). ¬†     Crazy to […]

Throwback Thursday – Practice Makes Dishpan Hands? (July 13, 2006)

In 2006, I took the only Children’s Librarianship class that my library school offered. ¬†I did extremely well in it and was one of only six students (out of a class of 20+) that our prof invited for a end-of-class meal and celebration for¬†her most promising students. One of the reasons she saw great potential […]

A Few Thoughts On @BernieSanders Use of Technology #feelthebern #primaryday #newyork

So today¬†was¬†a pretty big day in the United States as born and raised¬†Brooklyn boy, Bernie Sanders went¬†up against adopted hometown gal, Hillary Clinton in the New York primary in their ongoing battle to secure the Democratic Party nomination. As someone who’s very interested in the use of digital technology and social media in politics, I […]

Yay For Meaningless Internet Points! #feelthebern #whichhillary

I occasionally post on Reddit but most of my comments get a handful of upvotes (maybe)¬†then disappear into obscurity. Lately, as I’ve been following¬†the Bernie Sanders campaign from afar and knowing how much the campaign is being driven by Reddit users, I’ve been a bit more active than usual adding my theories, observations and/or snark¬†on […]

Rookie Calgary MLA Is Early Victim of the “Human Search Engine”

An engaging article about the ability of humans, rather than machines (eg. regular Google searches), to track down and then amplify interesting or especially incriminating¬†finds. I have been trying to help introduce the concept of ‚Äúhuman search engine‚ÄĚ (actually ‚Äúhuman flesh search engine‚ÄĚ in the original Chinese) to the English-language discourse: it arose a few […]

Friday Fun Link – AllTheMinutes (Twitter Clock)

You may want to turn your Mute button but otherwise, the site AllTheMinutes.com is pretty cool. It shows a clock comprised of live tweets (one per second) from people around the world who have mentioned the current time. Great insight into the boring everyday lives of humanity (at least those who use Twitter!)