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Yay For Meaningless Internet Points! #feelthebern #whichhillary

I occasionally post on Reddit but most of my comments get a handful of upvotes (maybe) then disappear into obscurity. Lately, as I’ve been following the Bernie Sanders campaign from afar and knowing how much the campaign is being driven by Reddit users, I’ve been a bit more active than usual adding my theories, observations and/or snark on […]

2015 End of Year Memes: Two Tropical Trips, Election Wins & Loses, Campy Camper Camping

1. What did you do this year that you’d never done before? One of many secret shames in that I never learned how to downhill ski when I was growing up.  The first year we did a class trip to Mission Ridge in the Qu’Appelle Valley, I was injured and couldn’t go.  Then the next […]

Rookie Calgary MLA Is Early Victim of the “Human Search Engine”

An engaging article about the ability of humans, rather than machines (eg. regular Google searches), to track down and then amplify interesting or especially incriminating finds. I have been trying to help introduce the concept of “human search engine” (actually “human flesh search engine” in the original Chinese) to the English-language discourse: it arose a few […]

Friday Fun Link – AllTheMinutes (Twitter Clock)

You may want to turn your Mute button but otherwise, the site AllTheMinutes.com is pretty cool. It shows a clock comprised of live tweets (one per second) from people around the world who have mentioned the current time. Great insight into the boring everyday lives of humanity (at least those who use Twitter!)

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

The Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up but it’s still the off season for some teams.  The official Twitter accounts of the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Tampa Bay Lightning engaged in what is perhaps the world’s first game of Twitter Tac Toe! “Dad Jokes” are shorthand for lame jokes that inevitably get groans from […]

How Much Happens Every 60 Seconds On The Internet?

A lot!

Some Thoughts On The Role of Social Media in the Sask NDP Leadership Race, Written on the Occasion of Twitter’s 7th Anniversary in 144 Chars

(Well, the title of this post is 144 characters anyhow.  The body of this thing will be *much* longer!) Twitter is celebrating the seventh anniversary of the first tweet ever which means today is as good of time as any to look back at what role social media played in the recent Sask NDP Leadership […]

@RyanMeili Monday – Putting the “Fun” Back in Beard. Or something like that. #skndpldr

I don’t know if Ryan Meili will win the Saskatchewan NDP leadership race. But as one of his supporters told me recently, we’re not not just leading in fundraising, we’re leading in “fun” raising and “friend” raising. And win or lose, that’s the kind of campaign I’m proud to be a part of and the […]

Regina Public Library is now on Twitter (And So Are A Lot of Other People)

Regina Public Library has officially launched their official Twitter account at @RPLOfficial. It’s good to see as it’s been a long time coming. In fact, I’ve advocated for us to get on Twitter many times in my four years at RPL and I know others who were pushing for the addition of that service long […]

@Erin_Weir @ryanmeili Or this? #skndpldr

Max FineDay asked the #skndpldr candidates who they were going as for Halloween on Twitter. Ryan Meili replied that Che Guevara was in the lead but he was open to suggestions.  Somebody suggested he dress as Tommy Douglas and Erin Weir replied that all candidates could go as the leaders I compared them to in a previous post […]