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Jon Stewart Savages Donald Trump on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I honestly don’t want this blog to turn into all-Trump, all-the-time because frankly, he’s gotten way too much attention over the past couple years as it is. But this video of Jon Stewart appearing to do a Donald Trump “impression” is too good not to share…  

Some *Real* (Not “Alternative”) Facts About #muslimban

Fears of Islamic Terrorists are greatly overblown.  Even if this ten-year average accounted for 9/11 deaths, Americans are *still* more likely to be killed getting hit by a bus! Trump’s “Muslim Ban” shows why he’s in a conflicted position as the first non-elected, non-military person to serve as President of the United States… Even *if* […]

The Most Anticipated New Releases of 2017

Now that 2016 is over, it’s time to look forward to what 2017 will bring. Releases.com is a site that gives the release dates of upcoming movies, video games and TV shows while also letting users rate their anticipation for various releases, create a personal calendar and more. Releases.com doesn’t feature books unfortunately but lots […]

Friday Fun Link – LetterKenny Season Two Trailer

Though I never watched the show, I saw a trailer for Season One and thought it was hilarious. The trailer for Season Two is equally good…

Throwback Thursday – #tbt – “I’m Voting Obama” (November 2012)

Happier times… And when Cam Broten beat Ryan Meili by 44 votes out of thousands cast after Ryan was widely expected to win, I learned the hard way that you can never count someone out. I never thought Trump could beat Clinton but I never assumed it was a sure thing either.  In fact, I […]

Friday Fun Link – Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner

The Al Smith Dinner is an American political institution.  Since 1960, this fundraiser for underprivileged children put on by the Archdiocese of New York in memory of a former New York Governor and the first Catholic to run for President. It usually features the two Presidential candidates in a humourous, roast-style environment which is usually their last […]

Eminem Releases “Campaign Speech”, A Song About The US Presidential Election

I have enjoyed the three Presidential debates bigly. Some sharp person caught that Hillary wore a red pantsuit, a blue pantsuit and a white pantsuit in the three debates she participated in. Eminem released a song.  

Debate Sensation, Ken Bone, on Jimmy Kimmel

It’s so funny how things go viral in our Internet age – sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not.   Sometimes it’s mean, sometimes it’s fun.  And sometimes it starts mean but has redemption. But in this case, it’s great that Ken Bone, who became an Internet sensation after asking a question at Sunday night’s Presidential debate, and […]

Friday Fun Link – An Exchange I Never Thought I’d Hear on CNN

This is exponentially the craziest election I’ve ever seen. People are observing that instead of an “October Surprise”, Donald Trump appears to have an “October Advent Calendar” with a shocking new revelation or error every single day. Today’s video of him making crude comments about cheating on his wife, an actress he’s about to meet, and […]

MetaFilter on the First Presidential Debate

MetaFilter’s been having ongoing mega-threads every few days for MeFites to discuss the election.  They started the latest one for Monday night’s debate.