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Friday Fun Link – Climbing Shelves in a Children’s Library

A Mexican public library uses shelving that doubles as climbing structures. I can hear the lawsuits coming from a mile away if a library tried to do this in Canada but personally I love the idea!

Yeah Baby! #Flames Eliminate The Canucks to Move To Round Two of #StanleyCup Playoffs

In 2004, I attended the Alberta Book Awards on the same evening as game six of the Canucks-Flames first round playoff series. As one of the event organizers, I kept providing updates on the score to the MC who relayed them to the partisan crowd (oh, those not-that-long-ago days before everyone had a smartphone in […]

NHL 2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

I’ve got a bit of a theme going lately with all the playoff excitement so let’s keep it going… NHL.com and NHL Network Staff (Rangers vs. Blackhawks seems the consensus) EA NHL 15 (Ducks vs. Rangers) Jason Hammond (Montreal vs. Minnesota) …and if you haven’t, you should check out NHL Bracket Challenge to play along […]

Olympics Closing Ceremony

Well, here we are two short weeks later and the party’s over.  And everything that the opening ceremony was – a celebration of British history and culture, rebellion, anarchy, humour, literature, imperfection, solidarity – the closing ceremony wasn’t. As someone posted on Reddit’s /r/unitedkingdom thread about the closing ceremonies, “It’s like when you start playing crap […]

Friday Fun Link – What’s Your Olympic Body Match?

Although we probably tend to think of world class athletes as muscular models of perfection, there are a wide range of body shapes competing in the Olympics – from gigantic basketball players to teeny gymnasts – with different body shapes suited best to different sports. wThis cool app shows which athlete your height and weight […]

Today Is The Biggest Sporting Day of the Year

I am of course talking about “Scott Gomez Day” in which we will learn if an NHL player making $7 million dollars a year can go a full calendar year without scoring a single goal (since I’m writing this later in the day, we now know the answer – he can!) Luckily, the fans in […]

Saturday Snap – A Week of Proud Moments

On Thursday, Pace got his first stripe in karate moving from a white belt to…a white belt with a single red stripe on it. On Friday, he passed his swimming lessons and will now move from “Salamander” to “Sunfish”… And of course way back on Monday, Pace was easily the cutest tiger on the block… […]

Saturday Snap – The Karate Kid

Friday Fun Link – GOOOAAAAALLL!!!

Not even sure what game/league this is from but anytime Canada can score a goal like this with a couple minutes left in a soccer game to tie England, life is good!

Winnipeg’s Important Role In My Own NHL Fandom (And Kanye West Weighs In On the Big News)

It wasn’t a surprise but it was nice to have it made official today – the Atlanta Thrashers have been purchased by True North Sports and will be moved to Winnipeg next season – though it’s still not known if they’ll be called the Jets or something else. When St. Louis had their training camp […]