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/r/Human – A subreddit to celebrate respectful disagreements on Reddit, and the graceful admittance of fault.

Amazing that a spot like this exists on the Internet¬†which is not known for people respectfully disagreeing and/or ever admitting they’re wrong! ūüėČ

#Reddit Is Revolting (http://www.wired.com/2015/07/reddit-amageddon/)

A couple weeks ago, Reddit faced a backlash from their users after they decided to ban a few sub-Reddits which they felt violated the site’s policies against harassment. Most notably this ban included a charming sub-Reddit named /r/FatPeopleHate that¬†had over 150,000 subscribers and which featured pictures of obese people plus invitations to¬†subscribers to ridicule the […]

Rookie Calgary MLA Is Early Victim of the “Human Search Engine”

An engaging article about the ability of humans, rather than machines (eg. regular Google searches), to track down and then amplify interesting or especially incriminating¬†finds. I have been trying to help introduce the concept of ‚Äúhuman search engine‚ÄĚ (actually ‚Äúhuman flesh search engine‚ÄĚ in the original Chinese) to the English-language discourse: it arose a few […]

Have You Pressed “The Button”?

What started as an unusual April Fool’s joke – a single button appeared a special sub-Reddit – has turned into¬†a genuine social media phenomenon¬†which may have implications for online collaboration in the development of public policy, software and numerous other areas. The button had a 60-second countdown counter which users could only push once and […]

/r/Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a perfect day¬†to check out what’s being posted on /r/ireland.

What Two Famous People Were Alive At The Same Time That Would Surprise People

Charlie Chaplin and 50 Cent. Neil Armstrong was 17 when Orville Wright died. Martin Luther King and Anne Frank were the same age. More…

Possible Location of Body of Long Missing #yqr Girl, Tamra Keepness Posted to Reddit? @rcmpsk @reginapolice

If this is true, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen on Reddit… A user called “MySecretIsOut” who just joined Reddit¬†today has posted a map on¬†/r/regina and /r/canada which they seem to be claiming would¬†lead to the location of Tamra Keepness, a young woman whose disappearance ten years ago resulted in a […]

“Instead of begging, he provides book reviews.”

This young man sits on the side of Empire Road in South Africa and instead of begging he provides book reviews. He collects all these books, reads each of them, and provides reviews for people passing by. If you like the review, he will try to sell you the book. This is how he makes […]

CMV: There’s Nothing Wrong with Language Death and Attempts at Revitalizing Dying Languages Are A Complete Waste of Time and Effort

I’ve got numerous sub-Reddits that I love including one called Change My View (r/changemyview) where people pose their¬†positions¬†on¬†sensitive (and not-so-sensitive) topics¬†and ask others to try to convince them to change their mind. And unlike debate on 99% of the Internet, the respondents are often successful in changing the view of the original poster! A¬†recent questions […]

Ten Things That Make Me Happy These Days

I’ve recently rediscovered hummus. ¬†God, that stuff is addictive! The local hard rock radio station playing German quasi-death metal on my drive back to work after lunch recently = Jason has a very productive afternoon! ūüėČ I’ve mentioned this before but getting to come home for lunch every day is beyond awesome. That’s partly because, […]