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Donald Trump Jr. Deep Throats Himself

The Trump Campaign (and now Administration) has been and continues to be a street called Crazy with a shop called Crazy that serves a menu full of Crazy with a specialty of Crazy with Crazy on top. The latest? Donald Trump Jr. tweets out evidence that he willingly met with Russian agents in an attempt […]

The Breakfast Club Cast as Social Media Sites

I always did identify with Brian right down to having a very shitty experience in shop class (er, if anybody hasn’t seen the movie, Brian’s the character on the far left, not the far right!) ūüėČ


So you have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the new¬†augmented reality map-based game,¬†Pokemon Go!. ¬†I first heard about it when it was all over Reddit, soon after its release in early July. I have to be honest – my first reaction was to ignore it as I thought of […]

A Few Thoughts On @BernieSanders Use of Technology #feelthebern #primaryday #newyork

So today¬†was¬†a pretty big day in the United States as born and raised¬†Brooklyn boy, Bernie Sanders went¬†up against adopted hometown gal, Hillary Clinton in the New York primary in their ongoing battle to secure the Democratic Party nomination. As someone who’s very interested in the use of digital technology and social media in politics, I […]

Yay For Meaningless Internet Points! #feelthebern #whichhillary

I occasionally post on Reddit but most of my comments get a handful of upvotes (maybe)¬†then disappear into obscurity. Lately, as I’ve been following¬†the Bernie Sanders campaign from afar and knowing how much the campaign is being driven by Reddit users, I’ve been a bit more active than usual adding my theories, observations and/or snark¬†on […]

Friday Fun Link – The Radicalization of Luke Skywalker

I always enjoy alternate interpretations of pop culture stories.  This one is particularly relevant in our world today. (More commentary on Reddit.)

Friday Fun Link – How Secure Is My Password?

This site lets you know if your passwords are very secure.

Music Monday – “Book flight December but I leave in May/Drugs are generic but still work the same/I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg/Thanks Greg!”

You know that experience when you learn a new word or buy a new vehicle or whatever and after never noticing it before, you suddenly see it everywhere? I had a recent experience except it was with a YouTube rap star. ¬†A friend of mine in the States who’s a teacher posted a pic with […]

/r/Human – A subreddit to celebrate respectful disagreements on Reddit, and the graceful admittance of fault.

Amazing that a spot like this exists on the Internet¬†which is not known for people respectfully disagreeing and/or ever admitting they’re wrong! ūüėČ

#Reddit Is Revolting (http://www.wired.com/2015/07/reddit-amageddon/)

A couple weeks ago, Reddit faced a backlash from their users after they decided to ban a few sub-Reddits which they felt violated the site’s policies against harassment. Most notably this ban included a charming sub-Reddit named /r/FatPeopleHate that¬†had over 150,000 subscribers and which featured pictures of obese people plus invitations to¬†subscribers to ridicule the […]