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Saturday Snap – Rudolph’s Butthole Shooter Recipe

Shea and I went to a Christmas party, hosted and attended by a few of the couples we met through our seasonal campsite at Echo Lake this year. All of us (well, except one camper who was pregnant this summer but made up for it at the Christmas party!) had occasionally drank shooters while listening […]

Merry Christmas Drink

Shea made us a very tasty Christmas-themed drink this past weekend featuring peppermint vodka, toffee cream liqueur and chocolate-flavoured whiskey along with a rimmer of melted After 8 peppermint chocolates and crushed candy cane. We didn’t name the drink but I’m going to suggest “Christmas Star” since it certainly was a star of our weekend. […]

Gone Camping…

Likely no posts for most of the coming week as we’re going camping… …to the same campground where Shea was a bridesmaid in a beautiful wedding a couple summers ago!

Saturday Snap – Cobb Salad

I don’t post a lot of pictures of food but Shea created something magical the other night that needs to be documented…  

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Body language expert analyses first US debate – finds Obama wins (also, we’re all monkeys striving for dominance deep down) What are the most important characteristics from childhood you should hold on to?  (Quora) Is there evidence that working from home improves efficiency?  (Quora) Why Campaign Reporters Are Behind the Curve How to Manage Thinkers […]

Saturday Snap – Maple Bacon Crunch Ice Cream

I may have the best wife in the history of the universe – Shea made this earlier in the week and it was amazing! Not sure if this is the exact recipe she used but it gives you the gist. (How often do you get to eat ice cream that comes from a food site’s […]

Saturday Snap – Warning Signs (Or Just A Cool Wife?)

Shea had this grocery list left on the counter in advance of a BBQ we were having last night.  The best explanation for the repeated item came from a co-worker who said said she was probably reminding herself to buy red AND white wine!

Saturday Snap – A Cool (Er, Hot?) Trick

Before you barbeque or cook a hot dog over a campfire, put a skewer through the middle of the dog then score it in a spiral fashion so that you get more of that crunchy goodness throughout the meat!

Saturday Snap – Hawaiian-Style Shrimp Poke

Shea and I attempt to re-create one of our (okay, my!) favourite snacks from our Hawaii trip.  Pretty close though I think the version we ate had fresh kim-chi in it as well.

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