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Saturday Snap – Pace’s Thoughts On How You Should Treat Your Kids

Pace gives me some advice on how to treat your kids after I tell him I won’t buy him a toy. 😉   Perhaps in 20-30 years I’ll find out if he follows his own advice! Happy Father’s Day!

I Predict A Riot

With a few changes and additions, the following is what I posted on the MetaFilter thread discussing the riot after last night’s game… — I’ve heard a wide range of opinions (many mentioned in this thread) on why this particular riot happened… It was drunken Canucks fans. It was anarchists. It was gang members/hooligans/insurgents.  (I […]

Go The F*ck to Sleep – As Read by Samuel L. Jackson

This book’s been floating around the web for awhile now but now someone has uploaded an audio version which to my ears sounds like the real Samuel L. Jackson rather than a parody (although I’m sure I’m mistaken.) Pretty funny shit either way!  321 views on YouTube as I type this – watch it before […]

Five Not So Good Things About Librarians

Following up on yesterday’s post listing Five Good Things About Librarians, here are some generalizations about the weaknesses many librarians share… 1. Librarians are often extremely anal retentive What else would you expect from a profession which has the organization and classification of the world’s information as one of its core purposes? Part of this […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday: Special Viral Election Round-Up

There’s been lots of social media activity this election as expected. Two of my main aggregators of news & viral content are Twitter’s #exln41 hash tag and Reddit’s Canada sub-Reddit. Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently: ShitHarperDid.com (and related hilarious YouTube videos)  (MetaFilter) VoteLab – interesting idea but I suspect […]

Saturday Snap – “It’s this limitless space; it can be as big as it needs to be. It can actually contain the sum of everything that we know.”

The quote that gives this post its title comes from Sue Gardner who is Wikipedia’s Executive Director and who Fast Company magazine recently called “The Librarian to the World“. Most of the time, I have a very positive view of Wikipedia – in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the […]

In Defense of Sarah Palin

[Edit: I’ve gone back and added a few links to this post and re-worded a few points for clarification in the subsequent days and weeks after this was originally posted.] Just to be clear, even to write that post title made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. In fact, I still strongly […]

An Open Letter To Ryan Meili

Hey Ryan, Long time, no talk!  I hope doctoring is going well, married life is treating you swimmingly and your decision to leave politics behind continues to be the right decision. I suspect I know your answers to those questions which makes this next statement a hard one to make.  But with the announcement of […]

“Imagine for a moment that you know a man who beats his wife.”

Sorry to go to “all WikiLeaks, all the time” lately but this story really interests me for all the implications it has in a number of areas – from world politics to freedom of speech to corporate power to the overarching impact of the Internet in each of those realms. Here’s another editorial which I […]

WikiLeaks: Free Speech, Cyberwar 1.0 and Corporate Control of the Cloud

WikiLeaks (which is down as I write this for reasons I’ll get to) is a site that’s been around since 2006 and first got a mention on this blog just over a year ago for a library-related story. Since then, the site has released two fairly large dumps of information obtained from a single army […]