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Mo Money, Mo Kittens

In the 2009 and 2013 Sask NDP leadership races, I was *very* opinionated and that often left me at cross-purposes, as an active member of Ryan’s team but also as a  blogger/Facebooker/Tweeter with my own thoughts, opinions and ego who didn’t mind getting into discussions and sharing my observations – respectful, heated or otherwise – […]

Random Thoughts on the Paris Terrorist Attack

There was a major terrorist attack in Paris on Friday.  I have some thoughts… Part of the reason attacks like this have such an impact is that our education system has failed to overcome our innate human nature.  I saw this summarized in a great graphic that points out how there are over 6 million Muslims […]

“The Bullshit State of Politics in Canadian Libraryland”

Now, this is a good rant. And what makes a good rant?  Truth is a big part of it. This person hits the nail on the head that the situation at both Library & Archives Canada and CLA are disgraceful – LAC is being absolutely decimated by Stephen Harper’s War on Information while bending over […]

Some Atheism-Related Political Articles

Penn Jillette with a great monologue/rant about various aspects of religion & politics and where they intersect – from how most “Christians” have united under a single banner in the last 40 years at the expense of early atheists like Mark Twain to the growing influence of non-believers in politics plus Mitt Romney’s magic underwear […]

George Carlin’s Greatest Moment

Definitely one of them…

The Greatest Quote about Librarians Ever?

This still isn’t my ever-percolating rant about e-books and libraries but I wanted to show how the bar has been raised by this awesome post which includes the great passage: And if you thought about it for more than five seconds, you’d understand what the real purpose of the library should be. And it ain’t […]

FTRW 2012 – Censoring Your Democratic Right to Vote

Censorship doesn’t just happen with books and videos, it happens in a variety of ways when people in positions of power and authority attempt to control, influence and manipulate your behaviour. Perhaps the most insidious way that they do this is when powerful people attempt to eliminate our fundamental democratic rights.  Right now, a major […]

Should Free Speech Trump Hate Laws?

Although anyone who reads my blog for about three seconds would probably be able to do a pretty good job of pigeonholing me and my politics fairly quickly, there are a few positions where I’m probably not your typical lefty (whatever that is!) For example, many on the left are seen as proponents of political […]

We are the 99%

Depending on where you live (and where you get your news), the Occupy Wall Street movement, may or may not be on your radar. These protests, which started in New York but have since spread to other cities around the world, are “mainly protesting against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the influence of […]

Kudos to Air Canada

Made it to St. John’s after a 3:30am wake-up call, a 6am departure and two three hour flights – first to Toronto and then another one to St. John’s.  When I fly, it tends to be WestJet or on a charter taking me to sunny climes so this was the first time I’ve been on […]