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@ryanMeili Monday – Who Best Represents Change For the Sask NDP? (It Depends On How Much Change You Want) #skndpldr

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a high-level supporter of another Sask NDP candidate. I made some comment about the NDP being in a great position to renew itself with all of the great young candidates that are running. He replied something along the lines that “only your candidate is talking renewal.” That […]

Regina Public Library is now on Twitter (And So Are A Lot of Other People)

Regina Public Library has officially launched their official Twitter account at @RPLOfficial. It’s good to see as it’s been a long time coming. In fact, I’ve advocated for us to get on Twitter many times in my four years at RPL and I know others who were pushing for the addition of that service long […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Body language expert analyses first US debate – finds Obama wins (also, we’re all monkeys striving for dominance deep down) What are the most important characteristics from childhood you should hold on to?  (Quora) Is there evidence that working from home improves efficiency?  (Quora) Why Campaign Reporters Are Behind the Curve How to Manage Thinkers […]

What’s The Most Valuable Lesson You’ve Learned In Your Professional Life?

I love Quora and could probably post a question a week from their awesome weekly e-digest where they summarize some of the most active posts from the Topics you subscribe to.  For example, this week, they had a question and answers on “What is the Most Valuable Lesson You’ve Learned In Your Professional Life?” Here’s […]

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

“Wake Up Moms, You’re Fighting the Wrong Fight” – points out that it’s ridiculous to argue about the recent Time breastfeeding cover and instead, all US moms should be pushing for a benefit that new moms in the vast majority of the world get – paid maternity leave.  Why Nicolas Tesla was the Greatest Geek […]

Friday Fun Link – Best Countries for Work-Life Balance

Canada comes in at #14 which means I’m moving to somewhere in Scandinavia. 😉 Just kidding but seriously, this isn’t that hard.  Having daycare spaces for everyone makes for a better work-life balance? No shit.  People not working a lot of extra hours makes a better work-life balance?  No shit.  Low child poverty makes for […]

Is There A Steve Jobs of Libraries?

One of the comments in the long MetaFilter thread about Steve Jobs’ passing stuck out for me: He made people try their hardest, and that’s the most important quality a leader can ever have. I really like how this definition of leadership is more about the impact the leader has on other people rather than […]

Wisdom Wednesday – Do Happier People Work Harder?

The idea of a connection between happiness and productivity is a discussion I’ve had with a few people at work over the past couple years – some who are in agreement with the idea, some who feel there’s no link between happiness and productivity and some who are uncertain (or haven’t given it much thought […]